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David Acosta

The novel band, with a Cuerda Viva award under its belt, released its first album last April.

Since its founding in March 2019, David Acosta and his band have known how to navigate the pitfalls imposed by the pandemic that has marked their career and have created music and with it, good vibes around them.

Back then, they called themselves Outside, the newcomers who broke into the stages of Cuerda Viva, winning the prize in the Urban Music category, a fact that took them by surprise and increased their enthusiasm to develop the musical proposal that defines them within the agitated Antillean scene.

In an exclusive interview with MSK Guide, David Acosta recalls that they had gladly accepted the invitation to the TV program, especially because it allowed them to present the credentials of an urban background that stands out for the fusions with Cuban popular music genres, hence the outcome was extremely important for the group.

Acosta acknowledges that his songs also include a flamenco touch, almost as a legacy from his time in other groups, while ballads are more frequently included in the repertoire: “I think that my concerts will never lack a touch of that kind, it is a genre that I really love, I like to write it down and perform it; but I think that the current music, a music for enjoyment is what defines us”.

The lyrics of each track are equally important to reinforce our own style among the many performers and groups of the urban genre: well elaborated, with a romantic touch and with which the public manages to feel identified, specifies the also vocalist.

The earthly contact with the audience in the stages was very limited for David Acosta’s young band due to the global health crisis imposed by the pandemic. They longed for more time to perform in public; instead, they designed other spaces to compose, to create, to innovate about what they currently do.

The most tangible result of this period came last April 19 with the presentation of their first album, entitled Lo más elegante del género (The most elegant from the genre), which includes a dozen singles available on Spotify.

David Acosta explained that the album was recorded at the premises of Master Edesio Alejandro, who also gave him the opportunity to launch it with the Blen Blen Studios label and was precisely, the result of learning and focusing on what the audience wanted from the band.

Under the care of Michel Pro (M-Music), in terms of musical production, the phonogram has another added value: the engagement of great friends and people close to the creator of this musical project.

“I am very grateful to the renowned singer Mayko D’Alma for his cooperation with the song Esto está bueno (This is good); as well as to Carla, singer of the group and my life partner, and Zamir Violín, well-known instrumentalist, who joined me for the single Piensas en mí (Think of me)”, remarked David Acosta.

The album also brought other joys to the young band who widen its list of achievements, since the ballad entitled Pendiente (Pending), was the top winner of the Santa Clara Enamorada Contest, held in the center of the country.

The artist said that the songs´ videoclips will be ready soon, while they work on new musical productions and hope, once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, being able to present Lo más elegante del género (The most elegant from the genre) live.