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Idania Valdes

With her new record production, the artist won the Cubadisco 2021 award in the Live Audiovisual Show category

Idania Valdés was born on the same day as her father, February 14, so she always celebrates her birthday by working. Sometimes she even has two functions in the same day, so the candles are blown out between songs.

Talking about dates, on March 8, 2017 Idania decided to prove that her path was to promote the bolero and the Cuban song among the youth. And she confirmed it: “As long as it is performed with current patterns in terms of image and scenic projection”, it is a type of music that young people will receive in a right way, she commented to MSK Guide.

For this reason, this April she has released Idania Valdés...más allá del Club Social (Idania Valdés…beyond Social Club), a double album under the Egrem label, which gathers the concert she offered on Women’s Day at Karl Marx Theater, a show planned “for posterity”.

The girl who seems to have spent her whole life singing, now comes with this solo production. First she released a single: Amor de bolero (Bolero Love), a song by Gradelio and Alain Perez, which left the audience wanting more.

The album features luxury guests such as Eliades Ochoa, Amadito Valdés, Barbarito Torres, Haydée Milanés, Haila Mompié, Leo Garrido and Alain Pérez, “who –says Idania– accepted my invitation without hesitating, for which I am and I will be always grateful”.

Idania Valdés... más allá del Club Social (Idania Valdés… beyond Social Club) is a comprehensive and eclectic material to take refuge in nostalgia. Idania sings: “The truth is that nostalgia is a wrongly sung bolero”. Living and missing: the dichotomy of life.

Despite defending traditional Cuban music, the young singer has always been distinguished by her completely different style. With Buena Vista Social Club Idania has traveled much of the world and has grown. But, “since the beginning of my solo career I have added a more modern sound, different formats and genre fusions in order to achieve a certain eclecticism”, she points out.

These are the traits that make the difference between her independent career and her work with the legendary Cuban group. Not in vain the title of her new album alludes to the current reality of her work and “means a before and an after”.

Her love for the classic and her respect for the past have always been present in her life. At home she
loves interior decoration based on the 50s, in fact, it is her hobby. “Although I have no academic knowledge as interior decorator, I’m naturally quite good at it”, she says, and it’s something noticeable in the decoration of her home; a passion she shares with Leo Garrido, her partner in love and in music who still have an album pending together.

Love is a strongly present in her new album. “They all are songs of love and heartbreak, but from the perspective of very different composers. It is a path that goes from anthological musicians such as César Portillo de la Luz, Marta Valdés, Ramón Cabrera, to contemporaries such as Polito Ibáñez, Julio Fowler,
David Torrens, Gradelio Pérez and Alain Pérez. The common factor among these songs is my way of assuming the interpretation of each of them”.

If something defines Idania Valdés, awarded in the 2014 Cubadisco festival and again in this edition in the Live Audiovisual Show category, is her way of decoding music. There are ways to make poetry and she does it when she manages to revive the music that made us Cubans, without forgetting its essence. That is why, what she misses the most are the concerts. “It never crossed my mind that I would be more than a year without getting on stage”, she emphasizes.

Before going on stage, Idania does not like to talk or get distracted. Her ritual is tranquility. “When I´m going to sing, I like to be sure that everything is organized. I am very demanding with the people around me and even with myself”. 

These artist’s demands define everything she does, including her role in the jury of Primera Base Contest from Havana World Music Festival, of which she was part this year. That experience made her realize that “youth are creating and long to do new things”, mostly coming from a “very-high-level” contest which drives them towards the professional world.

How do you want to be remembered? A question probably ahead of time for such a promising career, but Idania, who has lived in the past and the future, answers from her present: “It would be nice to be remembered as a woman who defended our roots and traditional music to the hilt”.